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Getting laid off can be a crushing, demoralizing event… or, outside of family, one of the best things that can happen to a person. Just one day after losing my job, I went to a local bagel company and bought a few bagels. By week’s end I was buying several hundred bagels and cream cheese and selling them to office workers around town. I was the “Bagel Pusher,” blazing through the streets, peddling my products from office to office with a homemade bagel cart and a Blazing Bagels t-shirt. Within weeks I hired a few employees and after several months, we were feeding workers from over 60 well known companies on the eastside of Seattle.

Displeased with the local bagel wholesalers, I went online, found a bagel consultant, found a local warehouse that’s an event in itself to find and after two days of training I was making bagels. We now bake over 9,000 bagels a day (that’s roughly 3 million a year). We make our own pastries and breads. We serve our own deli meats, custom sandwiches, fruit trays, salads and box lunches. We specialize in wholesale and retail, corporate events, catering, and my favorite – one-on-one customer service. We still have the hard-to-find main location in Redmond and we’ve added easier to find, Blazing Bagels Bellevue and Blazing Bagels Safeco Field.

Me… get laid off again? Never! Not as long as there’s people out there looking for the best bagel east or west of New York.

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